The overarching purpose of this blog is to make it fun and relaxing to cook sustainably on busy weekdays.

We do that with ‘the jammer method’.

The jammer method can be learnt by adults, teenagers, even kids.

The jammer method

Every week we present a weekly dish you should add to your top 10, and we teach you how to cook it without following the recipe.

Also, we’ll teach you how to make 100 variations of the weekly dish. We do that with a weekly “Jamwheel” for the weekly dish.

Context: We developed our own framework ‘the Jamwheel’, which teaches you how to make your weekly recipe tasteful with food pairing. It is simple to use the Jam wheel: Just pick 1-3 ingredients per grouping (base, spices, etc), and you’ll get a well-rounded tasteful dish. This is what it looks like:

Here’s an example of such a post for ‘creamy soup’.

Why learn the Jammer method?

90% of people cook less than 10 recipes per year. No worries - you don’t need to change that! The jammer method helps you make magic out of your top 10 recipes, . by adding variety and diversity to your usual dishes, and perhaps add one or two new ones.

When you and your family can cook 10 diverse dishes without a recipe, you’ll get superpowers in your daily life. On a weekday it won’t be stressful to cook.

That’s how ‘the Jammer method’ makes it fun and relaxing to cook sustainably on busy weekdays.

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